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What If It's Too Late?


Suppose you are reading all of this sage advice well into your final undergraduate year--too late to do an honours thesis, ace the GREs, and apply for an NSERC scholarship. What should you do? Seek out an opportunity to work in a successful researcher's lab the year after you graduate. If necessary, do it for free, as a part-time volunteer (while supporting yourself with whatever paying job you can find). During that year, gain lots of hands-on research experience, cultivate the admiration and appreciation of your supervisor, write a bang-up application for postgraduate funding, blow the doors off the GRE, and read the latest research publications of the potential supervisors with whom you would like to work. You will then be in a much stronger position to apply.

And if none of this avails, keep in mind that graduate students in research-oriented psychology work incredibly hard for years, at subsistence pay, and then face a very uncertain job market. Maybe you lucked out!

Written By Steve Lindsay, Ph.D. (University of Victoria, Department of Psychology)

Source: Admissions Helpful Hints