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7 Ways to Raise Your Score on the GRE

1. Study for it. Winging the GRE is a terrible waste of time, money, and self-esteem.

2. Learn the directions for each section of the GRE ahead of time. Because of the adaptive nature of this computerized test, the first five questions in each section are the most important for that section's score.

3. On the GRE-General, always guess rather than trying to find a way to skip a question. There is always a chance that you will guess right.

4. Find and study high-frequency word lists.

5. In the reading comprehension section, read for structure, not details.

6. If a problem-solving math question stumps you, work backwards from the answers.

7. If you encounter logical reasoning questions, start by finding the conclusion and work backward while examining the premises.

Source: Graduate Study In Psychology