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Location and Size of Institution


Two factors that are often overlooked, but weigh heavily into the personal well-being and academic success you experience while in graduate school, involve the location and size of the university you choose. For example, if you enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life and prefer to reside in an urban environment, you may be more content attending universities near major metropolitan areas.

On the other hand, if you prefer a slower-paced environment, you may be more comfortable with universities in rural settings. Granted, you may not always have a choice in such decisions.

Consider these elements when choosing a graduate school:

· Urban or rural location

· Preferred climate

· Geographic location

· Small or large campus

· Public or private institution

· Ratio of students to faculty

· Number of students in graduate program

· Availability of graduate assistantships, internships, and practicum experiences

· Access to full-time employment opportunities after graduation

· Cultural diversity

· Distance from non-academic activities

Ideally, you should visit potential graduate school locations prior to accepting admission into a program. Such visits allow you to gain more insights into the university and surrounding community.

Source: IU Career Development Center and Arts & Sciences Career Services 2007