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DeLeon L. Gray, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology

North Carolina State University


My research is in the area of social cognition and motivation. I am particularly interested in how students perceive, remember, and interpret information about themselves and others, and how these mental representations are associated with achievement patterns in schools. My research bridges educational and social psychology. By examining the ways in which social cues in school environments energize and direct students’ academic beliefs and behavior, my work has implications for both basic psychology and educational practice.

Students’ social perceptions of their learning environments influence their motivation, achievement, and well-being at school, both positively and negatively. I seek to highlight effective social contextual strategies that educators can use to produce adaptive academic behaviors in students and to counteract maladaptive behaviors. My current work examines the ways in which students channel their efforts academically to help them “fit in” and “stand out”.