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If you have useful information that you think might help undergraduates in psychology, please send a cover letter with your submission in Word format to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Undergraduates, graduate students, professionals and companies/organizations are welcome to submit. UPsych equally encourages collaborative work, as well. All submitters should receive a confirmation email following their submission. For students especially, successful submissions can and should be included on your vita.

Shining Stars Submissions
Submissions for Shining Stars may be self-nominations. The Premier Peer is a student who demonstrates success in the field of psychology as an undergraduate. The Premier Paragon is an exemplary graduate student in psychology who undergraduates should “aim to be like” when they get to the next level. The Premier Professional is a well-accomplished psychologist.

Submissions must be accompanied by a cover letter in Word format. The cover letter should contain the submitter’s and nominee’s name(s), university or professional affiliation, academic classification (i.e. undergraduate, graduate, or professional), and contact information. The submission should be a brief bio (250 words max) about the person’s accomplishments in psychology up to this point. Please also include a picture in the event that your submission is selected. Submitters will receive a decision within a month of notification. The following questions should guide your submission: “How has this person demonstrated success on the undergraduate/graduate/professional level in the field of psychology?” and “Why would/should undergraduate view this person as a role model?”

Content Submissions
UPsych is interested in articles which have been proofread and are ready for submission. Although authors might be asked to make minor revisions, we expect all submitted articles to be well-written. We are interested in “how-to” articles, “what works” articles, motivational articles, experiential articles (positive and negative), instructional articles, and other insightful submissions that will help students who plan on pursuing careers in psychology, succeed.

Although the following list is not exhaustive, UPsych is interested in the following areas:
Curriculum Vitae
Research/Internship Tips
Research Opportunities—any research opportunities for undergraduates are especially welcome.
Psychology Organizations and Psychology Websites—other websites are welcome to request their links be added to our list.
Calendar—UPsych appreciates notifications of all upcoming psychology events.
Personal Statement
School/Program Selection
Admissions Tests
Checklists and Timelines
Other topics which are currently not addressed on UPsych.

Please note: No monetary compensation will be given for any submission. However, authors will be properly credited for their contribution. You may place your contact information at the end of your article. Include any links to resources or to your personal website.